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About Us

Berks Commercial Renovations, Ltd. would like to "Thank you" for visiting our website, for your remodeling needs. We understand the importance of getting the most for your hard earned dollars! Our success in the Berks County and Montgomery County areas center around our "Passion for Design and Construction Excellence". We offer so much more, than just giving a written quote with a few suggestions.

Our team of trained professionals will guide you in making the best decisions with the most options available for your budget. It's that simple.

The secret to our success is "Our passion to do the very best job that we can do." From the initial estimate, to the extra time devoted in assisting our customers with fixture and paint color decisions, to redesigning an entire existing floor space. So; take some time, and click around on the video icons, featuring our work and live testimonials from our customers. We are so proud of our reputation!!

Dean A. Moise/President

We are a family owned and operated Residential and Commercial Remodeling Company, serving Berks County Residents for three (3) Generations. We opened our doors at our Mount Penn location in August 2002; where special focus was placed on Interior Carpentry Projects, and Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations.

Rita A. Moise was President up until December of 2006, and sadly; had since passed away. We truly miss her, however her strong work ethic lives on in building a successful remodeling company. Her values became the template that we dedicate ourselves in following. "Dedication to Excellence" was our motto then and is our motto now!

Her son Dean A. Moise was Vice President at the time of her passing and had stepped in as President and C.E.O. of the company. Since then; Berks Commercial Renovations, Ltd., has grown into a "Residential Remodeling Leader" and has been featured in various professional trade publications as an award winning "5 Star Rated Company."

"The Quality and Attention to Detail, is second to none… These Guys are Incredible."

Berks Commercial Renovations, Ltd. is prepared to:

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Mention this ad and receive a 3% discount off the quoted price on complete remodeling projects.

Our discounts are a limited time offer, so be sure to ask for information on when this offer is in effect.


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